Industrial Brushes

Discover one of the leading edge companies in manufacturing and design of standard and made-to-measure industrial brushes.

Brushes sectors

Standard brushes for different sectors, ready to different applications and specific machinery.

Simply go to the selected sector, select your brush and request us a budget. If you want a brush that you don't find in this catalog, go to the section made-to-measure brushes.

Shape brushes

Brushes fabricated absolutely to measure. Through this section you willl be able to select the type of brush, the form, the base material, the bristle material, distribution, etc.

Request your budget in few clicks

Alfredo Llimona SA. Cepillos Industriales

Alfredo Llimona S.A. c/Bosch i Gimpera, 45. Pol. Ind. Sta. Margarita II
08223 - Terrassa. Barcelona. España. A-58014267.

Industrial brushes - rubber lips - ?textile accessories - scrubbing machines - pad holders - sweeping machine accessories - abrasives brushes- trapezoidal brushes - rame brushes

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